Real basketball for everyone...

Thank you for joining On The Court for our live, online summer camp. 

To ensure the best possible online experience, OTC would like to schedule a one-on-one zoom meeting to take place just prior to your child’s camp week.  It will cover a detailed review of your play area, camera location and web connection. 

When registered, please Call Wendy @ 908-334-5075 to reserve a time slot for your Live Pre-Camp Tech Check if you have not already done so.

Players will pick up an equipment package on the Thursday between 4 and 6 pm before their camp week at: 

                              High School North
                              90 Grovers Mill Road, Plainsboro

                                What's a Tech Check?

Before camp starts, each player will need to have a “Home Court” area setup at their location.   Below are some tips to help you prepare for a fun, safe camp experience.  OTC will supply all of the basketball related equipment.

1. Select a play area.

  You will need an area at least 6’x6’ feet that has a flat surface

  suitable to dribble a basketball. 

  In good weather, an area can be setup outside. For rainy days, a

  covered or inside area should be available.  A Garage, basement,

  or covered patio would work great.  

  Note: A basketball hoop is not necessary.  

2. Check Web Access:

  A more consistent web connection creates a better

  online experience.  Select a play area as close to the Wi-Fi

  antenna as possible.   

3. Computer/Camera Equipment

  Any device that can support Zoom can be used.

  It must be able to operate for 3 hours. Plug it in if

  possible or have backup device.

  If outside, keep computer in the shade.  They will

  overheat on a hot sunny day!

4. Sign up for Zoom if you haven’t already.  There is no

  cost for the basic app. which is all that will be needed for

  these sessions.

Tel: 908-334-5075

Real basketball for everyone...